Parenting study group

Want to Reduce the Stress of Parenting?

This six-week study group offers an introduction to Parenting by Connection. Through this approach you will gain an understanding of the 5 Listening Tools you need to address difficult behaviours, deepen your family connections, and bring ease, warmth and joy back to your relationships with your children–even on the hardest days. You will take home new tools for resolving children’s off-track behaviour and learn parent-to-parent listening skills.


Parenting Workshop

Ever wondered if parenting could be more fun?
Fed up of having to juggle work, child and school demands?
Then this free workshop is for you!
Let us help you take the stress out of parenting. We introduce a range of fun and practical techniques to make getting through the day easier and more fun!
We are different to other parenting workshops. No reward charts or naughty steps.
This workshop  will open up the possibilities of play, listening and developing independence. We will also cover the impact of social media on mental health and the positive power that you as a parent can have! This workshop is just a brief introduction to this new approach. Workshops in each of the areas are available to go in to more depth and explore the techniques further.
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The Power of Play 

Want parenting to be fun?

Fed up of saying ‘No!’ Repeatedly!!
Then this workshop is for you!

This workshop looks at play based techniques for managing behaviours that can be challenging such as bedtimes or getting out the house to school. By using play you can support your child to learn to follow the laughter and the emotional relief that this brings! A great one for dads as they are often more comfortable with this play approach.

This one takes a bit of practice so we give you lots of practical ideas to have a try! We aim to support you with finding win win solutions through play to get things moving the way you might hope for. And by planning ahead, avoiding some of those situations you may have come to dread!

It has enabled me to enjoy applying methods of encouraging better behaviour. Getting the kids to bed is now more fun!’ Andy Parent of 2

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