Tracy Laverick

Tracy Laverick (aka Mum!)

I am a parent of two wonderful children and have developed my approaches through some of the challenges we have had. Supporting your own children is hard emotional work and always more difficult than anyone gives credit for!

My parenting approaches with my children are also tailored to them as I found that the same approach did not always yield the same results. There is no such thing as a perfect parent but by having a range of tools and support we can travel this parenting journey together. I’m always learning and would like to invite you along with me.

Other influences on children

Often my children’s behaviour and well being is influenced by how things are going at school. I am lucky to have insight into school through my work in schools and understand some of the pressures that school staff and children are under. The children keep it together so well at school but that is only half the tale!

Parenting should be fun!

I give parenting advice that has one foot in modern child development research and one in current educational practice. This leads to Parenting that is enriching for your children and for you!

Tracy Laverick