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Ever run out of parenting strategies?

Tried counting to 3, time out, sticker charts, consequences, even contracts with kids? Shouting?

I had done the same but lots of it worked for a week and no more! Or caused more upset than it solved!

Also, the impact of school on our kids. How to manage differing expectations and the homework!

Parents kept asking what else is there, I was struggling to find much beyond the techniques we all know.

Until now…

Having done loads of research and living this with my kids. I have finally found a new range of approaches that I hadn’t seen before. I am so excited to share this with you.

As a busy mum of two with little time to sit and read through lots of books or attend 6 week parenting programs (which are usually when I am at work!), this is bitesized.

I aim to start you off with some simple techniques that can be shared in a morning. I let you know where you can go to find out more. Learning through the use of video and podcasts so that it can be done on the move or sat waiting for the kids!

I want all parents to feel empowered to know that they are the most important person in their kids lives. Nurturing that child parent relationship is the keystone to good mental health for all of you.

It is a major protective factor for the teenage years. This alongside how we develop independence and stop being fixers are all tools that we can try.

Want to learn more? Then get in touch or keep an eye out for my next parenting workshop. Groups are kept small so that parents have time to talk, ask questions and have a go!

About Enriching Parenting

Children do not come with a step by step guide and once you think that you have just worked it out they go and change! We live in a fast moving society where some traditional parenting strategies may work or not, and we may not wish to parent in the way we were parented.

Accessing parenting courses can enhance what you are already doing with your family. It is designed to be supportive and to embrace a range of parenting approaches. One size does not fit all.

We are all here to do the best for our children and for them to be able and equipped to be adults in the modern world. Schools also lay an important role in this and sometimes the balance between home and school can be a little strained. As I have experience as a teacher, an Educational Psychologist working in schools and as a mum I have developed strategies that   support resilience in school by empowering parents to understand the school experience for their children.

All courses and seminars are informed by the latest research and delivered by a Chartered Educational Psychologist. If you can’t attend a group session get in touch and sessions can be tailored for groups of parents or individuals. 

I look forward to meeting you soon

Dr Tracy Laverick



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