Corporate and business

We provide a range of bespoke talks to corporate and business clients. By supporting staff to achieve the balace between work and home and manage competing stress levels we can help to keep absence down.

By sharing how to balance child, work and school demands we can support the wellbeing of staff, while enabling those managing them to be aware of the impact.


Possible talk topics

Connection for the teenage years

Having a supportive connection with adults around them is the most consistent protective factor for teenagers. At a time when adults can step away this time is important to have supportive relationship with a teenager. In this 2 hour talk I explore what is known about the huge benefits of connection with teenagers and some simple activists and approaches to support in the home.

Modern Parenting Must Haves

A look at a range of modern parenting techniques such as positive parenting, Hand in Hand parenting, and an overview of traditional parenting techniques and approaches and how they can work together. In this 2 hour talk I highlight the best of the traditional techniques for behaviour management with children and introduce some more modern solutions for what the research tells us doesn’t work from the past.

Raising confident children

A look at the research and advice on building self esteem and confidence in children and young people. Practical strategies and activities that families can easily build into their busy lives. Following the laughter in the home to raise confidence and improve emotional well being.

Listening to children

An overview of Hand in Hand parenting approaches. How we listen to children and young people and the impact that this can have on behaviour. How to set clear limits in the home positively. Also the strategies of Staylistening, playlistening, special time and listening partnerships.

Raising teenagers

An brief overview of the teenage brain and its impact on the young person. Strategies and techniques as a parent of a teenager. How to maintain the connection with your young person during their journey of becoming independent and how you are the protective factor.

Work life balance and maintaining a happy family
An exploration of the research around working parents and the protective factors for families. How working can benefit your children and how the changing roles of mothers and fathers in the workplace can bring greater challenge and greater rewards.

Bespoke talks

Other talks on child development and parenting can be researched and developed on request and tailored to your specific needs. If your request is in an area that is not within my expertise, I maintain links with a number of professionals who will be able to deliver for you.