The problem with boys!

The problem with boys!

Boys are notoriously bad at telling you how they feel but boy do they show it! They can come across as being uncooperative, rude or aggressive when really they are just trying to tell you that something is wrong.

Boys are brilliant at finding solutions.

They will put effort into their behaviour in order to get the outcome they wish. Even if the path to this is a negative one!

It takes a lot of patience from the parent to really get to find out what is going on. The behaviour that there are doing will be difficult to manage. Parents need to take time to be with their sons. No agenda, no demands, just your attention. This attention along with giving them some vocabulary to talk about the problem can help you both!

It is by having no pressure that boys can start to talk about what is happening for them. A parent reported to me that she was listening while her teenage son was tidying his room and she hadn’t heard him talk so openly since he was young.

She was ‘just listening’ (not asking!).

During this current mental health crisis it is vital that we show our boys that they can talk to us. That we see that they are struggling and they have have come up with a solution, But maybe there could be a different one. This takes time and patience. Boys can take ages and ages before they open up, they really test that they can trust us, that we are not going to get angry or start trying to interfere.

The results are really rewarding and can help in minimising conflict in the home. Have a go this weekend and just sit and listen to your boy.