How to be a patient parent!

How to be a patient parent.

Ok. I talked about being playful first thing I the morning. You may have read it and thought ‘No way, I haven’t got the time’. Or ou may know that this really pushes your buttons and drives you mad.

So, what can you do to change this pattern?

Firstly, by recognising that this is a pattern that you and your kids are stuck in. When you can look at it more objectively you empower yourself to do something about it. You, as the adult, have the skills to be able to change. Children will remain with what solves their problem.

Secondly, plan for what you are going to do differently. But left be planning to leave earlier so that you feel under less pressure, having balls or toys in your pocket to start a game.

Finally, getting a listening partner. This is someone who you can exchange half an hour with where they just listen. No advice giving, no platitudes, just listening. This person hears your frustration and annoyance. Your reasons as to why these little things bother you so much. By developing this partnership, but gives you the internal resources to find the energy to do things differently.

To find out more about Listening Partnerships have a look at the link below or come in to the free parenting workshop on the 4th Feb 2-4 in Harrogate (see events!)
All the best for the week ahead. Change is often hard but definitely rewarding! Tracy