#b4Ishout … what are your calming strategies?

#b4Ishout is the new hashtag for parents to share the strategies that they try to keep calm when the kids behaviour is challenging.

What strategies can we use?

Strategies can include the use of humour, distraction by a child’s interest, catch games, rough play, having a break or taking a breath.

All families have amazing and unique ways of what works! Share yours here are give some fabulous ideas to other parents who are trying to do something else before shouting.

Just the process of being aware that you are about to shout and wanting to do some thing different is the beginning of a big change!

Will this really make a difference?

Bo Hejlskov Elven talks about the principle that those who take responsibility can make a difference. This empowers us as parents. We can make the difference! He also helps us to see that kids do well if they can and that some of the modern demands that we put on children are above their ability to manage so they may respond how we don’t want them to.

Why #b4Ishout?

<>By taking this moment #b4Ishout it helps us to rewire ourselves to pause before responding to our emotions and frustrations and see things from the child’s point of view.

If you want to learn more about #b4Ishout contact tracy@enrichingparenting.co.uk We can deliver talks to small groups of parents in nurseries, schools and family homes!