Parents are important people!

Why is refocusing on building strong family connections so important. Why YOU and I, the parents, are the most important people in our children’s lives.

In this fast moving quick fix society there is a lot to disempower parents. Parents are having to cope with demands and issues that no previous generations have had. This is with no change in the amount of support that parents get access to. Learning about these issues does not make you a bad parent or your child a bad kid. It makes you an informed parent. We all make the best decisions with the information that we have at the time.

Parents getting together to support each other should be the norm. I call it peer support. We know that such support can then help us do a better job. To help us find that last ounce of patience or ability to play. And our families benefit.

Take some time to just be with your children, to just listen (no fix it’s or nags), to play (This applies to your teens as much as your twos!).

Thank you for listening and have a lovely weekend x Dr Tracy Laverick