Technology Children. Here’s how technology can help your children.

Technology Children. What should we know?

Not all technology is the same. As parents we need to be able to distinguish between what we are happy for our children to use. And what technology we would like them to use less often.


When we are looking at the technology children play, games are often high on the list! There are some great educational games out there. Problem solving, puzzles and strategy games. These are games to talk through with your children. What are they doing? How are they working that out?

You can separate off games that are ‘just for fun’. They can still play them but not all the time. This is the balanced diet for technology in the same way as for sweets.

Social media

The technology involved in social media apps is something that as parents we need to be aware of. Children can believe all that they see on social media. As parents we know that what is portrayed on social media is not always true. This is the message that young people also need to hear. The likes button gives all of us a boost. This technology is designed to make us to respond to likes and therefore want more of them! Great if we get them, but what about those times when we don’t? Talk this through.

How technology can help

As parents we don’t need to see all technology as bad. Improvements in communication technology can mean that we are able to call our children (and they can call us!) on watch phones. GPS technology allows us to see where our children are.

Research show some us that the new generations of children are not drinking or smoking as much. This is attributable to teenagers spending more time in their room. If you also like technology, why don’t you join them? Don’t see it as a barrier but as an opportunity.

Children can use animation technology to create their own movies and engage in imaginative storytelling.

Finally, technology is here to stay. Our children need to be able to use it. It forms a significant part of our working lives. Supporting them to use it well. To be able to help others through its use. And to understand that it is only opinion which rarely gives us the whole story. By supporting and learning the technology with your children can be rewarding. And they can also teach you!

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