How to support your child friendships, some hints and tips

Do you worry about your child’s friendships? It can be hard as a #parent to see your child out there having to manage with others. Not all of whom might be so positive to them.

What can you do? Should you jump in and manage it or should step back? Children need opportunities to manage dispute or difficulty with others by themselves as this is a great skill to have as a teenager and into adulthood. However, they may need a bit of coaching by you to feel that they can do this.

First, you need to provide listening opportunities so that your child can tell you if there is an issue that they cannot manage. Then you can talk through what your child could say or do to manage the situation. You could also have a go at role playing the situation or use the camera. Make it fun and empowering.

When watching them play it is good to see if they are using the skills. Don’t jump straight in but see if they can have a go. They might come to you for reassurance. Do this and then let them join in again.

Quiet or shy children may find this particularly difficult. Sometimes playing with children of a range of ages can help quieter children to feel more confident by either take charge of the younger ones or following the example of older children.

If you are concerned that your child is being bullied you need to support your child and work together to address it. Talk to the adults at the school or setting to make sure that the issue is properly dealt with. Doing this together with your child allows them to see that they are able to gain control over the situation and that finding help can be effective.

Remember that you are the role model for your child so how you interact with others (and them!) will impact on how they interact. Try to be the adult that you want them to be, including how to manage difficult situations.

This can be really challenging to do as #Parenting is a really emotional business. Dealing with our own emotions first can help us to be the role model we want for our child. Come along to Modern Parenting must haves workshop in #Harrogate to discuss this and other strategies for modern parenting challenges! Contact to book your place.

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