Raising girls

Boys and girls develop at different rates. Girls tend to develop language and people skills at a very young age. They want to talk and share their understanding of the world. We often shape their language by the ways in which we talk and describe the world to them. What do you point out to your daughters?

To ensure that they are access the whole world around them it is good for them to get messy, to jump in muddy puddles, to explore nature and creepie crawlies, play with building blocks and trains. A girls brain is just as open to maths and science as a boys. These experiences are good to come early as girls soon develop their own likes and dislikes!

As they go through primary school girls can start to distance themselves from us with their wish to become independent early. However we are still their rock from which they can explore. As they start to grow up we need to ensure that the opportunities that we do have to spend time together and chat are available. The route to your counsel is clear.

Model good life habits to your daughters. How do you relax? How do you encourage them to relax? If conversations tend to be focussed around a range of demands try and make it rule that one morning a week will be demand free. If children learn a good balance early this will see through times of stress.

Girls can become reluctant to laugh as they become concerned with how they are perceived by others. Letting loose and being silly is now much more challenging as all can be recorded and commented upon. So put the phone down (takes away stress of being watched) and work on what really makes you both laugh. Is it silly animals on tv? You trying to have a go at a gymnastic move? Or any other games that make them laugh!

Girls use role models around them to make their choice. Role model how you want your daughter to be. Show her how to look after herself by looking after yourself. Particularly when it comes to rest and relaxation. #Harrogate #parents #enrichingparenting

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