Dads are parents too!

Don’t forget the dads! So much is focussed on mothers and their children it can seem as if dads are sidelined. But dads are sooo important. We know that involvement from dads in a child’s education is one of the most important predictions of a child’s success at school. The models that dads give as to how to manage challenging situations can help guide our sons and daughters.

It can be tough for dads who have been brought up with strict discipline and the old ‘boys don’t cry’ philosophy to show their more tender sides to their children. But connecting before correcting and getting down and playing heartily with the kids if so rewarding. And of course you get to pass down the good old dad jokes!

Have fun on Father’s Day and don’t forget to really throw yourself In there with the kids! They’ll laugh and laugh and so will you 😆

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