Taking a step back

Sometimes we need to take a step back before we can make a step forward. When you are in the middle of the weekly grind, of work and school, it can be hard to notice the patterns that we have got in to. Tragic news events make us reflect on what we are doing but we soon fall back into old habits.

Don’t! Make sure you spend time with your family without looking at a screen. Put the timer on the phone and then put it down. That next 10 minutes is just for them. Get on the floor, play games, learn the weird games that your child may invent and you have no hope of understanding! Let them sit on your back for a bronco ride (even though their feet now touch the floor!). Really see who they are and how they are changing.

Aim for a new pattern: 5 positive interactions for every negative one (at least!). Teachers try and aim for this in schools and kids become more resilient if they know they have some positives in the bank! Or make them laugh once a day..

Take a step back- on this weekend of connecting with others, how can we do that all the time? When people are connected they feel better and more positive. Who are you going to connect with this weekend and how can you make that last?

The Value of Support

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