Enjoying going out! (And knowing when to cut and run!)

When you have been invited to a family event or party and the first thing that goes through your mind is dread for when something might go wrong. There will be a tantrum. The siblings will fight or the sobbing will start. Going to family events are great fun and it is great for your kids to see you really enjoying yourselves as well. However, it is good to have a done a little preparation first! Children tend to get less of our attention when we are meeting with people we might not have seen in a while. You can top up their attention backpack with some special one to one time before you go.

If they are starting to look a little off track when you are there offer some more connection. Even if it’s just a few minutes. It really helps! Have a dance, play a game with them. Then finally there is knowing when it’s time to go. You’d love to stay longer but the tiredness, the fizzy drinks and sweet food are going to take their toll in the end. Better to leave slightly earlier but have you all feeling like you have had a really good evening! You must do it again soon! And no phones or tablets in sight!


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