Good enough?

As we trawl through Facebook it is easy to set ridiculously high expectations of our families. Every picture looks like an advert, every post is of fun and laughter. So what expectations should we have? They have changed with each generation. When we head out for a day trip our expectation may be for everyone to have a lovely day. How often are we disappointed by someone in tears or siblings falling out? We find it difficult to move on from the upset because it has spoilt our expectations of a day out. Kids have been kids.
When our expectations differ significantly from what actually happens it can have an impact on our ability to cope and manage. Many of us have lost confidence in ‘admitting’ that our children are not perfect that we don’t support each other as maybe we could. I am aiming to lower my expectations, not to provide activities for my kids all the time but give them the option of asking me. I’m not going to expect them to all like the same things but do some things separately. To know that if they are fed, loved, tired and have laughed they have had a good day. To know that I don’t have to be Mary Poppins for them to think I’m a good mum! I can be good enough! (Also I am setting up a free parent resource group in Harrogate to be able to get and give support to other parents too! Come along!)

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