Thunderstorms or Hurricanes


I was reminded yesterday of how nice the atmosphere feels after a good thunderstorm. The air feels clearer and calmer. The kids might need reassuring and help to see the beauty in the storm.

Sometimes we need to weather the storm with our kids too. No one likes to hear children crying or having a tantrum. It can bring strong feelings up for us. We want our kids to be happy. But they are just their thunderstorms. Expressing emotion in bite size chunks with reassurance allows kids to learn what emotions feel like and that once they have expressed that emotion it goes away. If only for a while. Feeling strong emotions is as scary to a child as a thunderstorm so we need to reassure and know that they will feel better afterwards.

Regular thunderstorms is good practice, having a good cry (boys and girls) allows us to move on and realise that we can come through the other end. Better the thunderstorms than building up to the Hurricane.

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