What makes your children laugh?

Laughter is the best medicine. When children are young it is easy to make them laugh. Peek a boo or pulling silly faces. As they start to grow up and become aware of the world around them they often become more serious and less inclined to laugh. We can also be less inclined to laugh with them. The daily demands of getting out of the house and doing all that has to be done can erode our capacity for laughter. Yet laughter is an excellent way of releasing tension, to connect with our kids and let them know that there are wonderful things in the world as well as the bad. So this weekend watch for what makes your child laugh (without tickling) and see if you can do more of that. There is a reason that the internet is full of cats doing daft things, if that makes you laugh share it with them! Sending out a smile to the world this week 🙂

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