This week has all been about teenagers. How difficult it can be to spend time with them when all they seem to want to do is be without us. We can get caught up in our own concerns of what they should and might become that we struggle to see the wonderful young people that they have become. We can find our selves in regular negative interactions about homework, exams, friends etc. ** STOP** stand back for a moment. Try and find 10 minutes a day to be with your teen with no agenda and no questions! You may have to watch or even play a computer game! Your presence will allow your teen to remember how good it can be to have you around. Make appointments to discuss your concerns so they don’t feel like they have to avoid you. They may have the same concerns but don’t feel that they will be listened to or that they will be bombarded with advice. Just listen. Give gentle advice when asked. They need to be able to come to you. You need to provide them the opportunity to be close to you. Your teens need you. Honest!!

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