Notice the small stuff

As I sit here I’m accutely aware that the air conditioning in this cafe is working as in the cafe next door it was not. If the air onditioning hadn’t have been working I probably would never have noticed that it was on. It is small stuff. But enough to make me leave… too often we can miss the small stuff both for ourselves and our children. I started one week writing it down to make me notice. It included singing on the way to school and playing on the trampoline. The stuff that made me smile. Children change all the time and it is often hard to notice the small stuff as it happens in and amongst the great pace of life. Notice when they smile. What makes them laugh? When they deal better with a situation. Take time over the next week to think each day about something that they or you have done that you are pleased with. You could be amazed by what can change and how good it can make you feel!

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