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Children do not come with a step by step guide and once you think that you have just worked out how to support them they go and change! We live in a fast moving society where some traditional parenting strategies  may work or not and we may not wish to parent in the way we were parented.

Accessing parent courses can help enhance what you are already doing with your family. It is designed to be supportive and to embrace a range of parenting approaches. One size does not fit all. My parenting strategies differ for my children as they are so individual. All programmes and seminars are about accessing a range of parenting tools to find what works for you and your children.

We are all here to do the best for our children and for them to be able and equipped to be adults in the modern world.

All courses and seminars are informed by the latest research and delivered by a Chartered Educational Psychologist

I look forward to meeting you soon

Dr Tracy Laverick

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